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At Indiana University, faculty and staff members with individual computing accounts can request additional group accounts for purposes related to their teaching, research, or work at IU. For example:

  • A faculty member may use a group account to facilitate collaboration among students in a course, or among colleagues in a research projects.
  • A staff member may use a group account to collaborate with teammates or other units within a department.
  • A student organization (sponsored by a faculty member) may use a group account for similar collaborative purposes (see About computing accounts for IUB and IUPUI student organizations).

All group or departmental accounts must have owners who are active faculty or staff members (as reported by HRMS). If the owner leaves the university or (through change of HR status) becomes ineligible to own a group account, the owned account(s) will be removed. To ensure the continuity of group accounts, see About transferring ownership of a group or departmental account.

To log into a group account, use the group username and passphrase (set up by the account owner). To grant individuals access to your group account, you'll need to share the group username and passphrase with them. To administer your group account(s), log in using the appropriate group account credentials (i.e., not your personal username and passphrase).

In accordance with standards for access control mandated by the HIPAA Security Rule, you are not permitted to access data containing protected health information (PHI) using a group (or departmental) account. To ensure accountability and permit access to authorized users only, IU researchers must use their personal IU username and passphrase for all work involving PHI.

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Account creation

The steps for group account creation include requesting the account, the request approval, and then account creation.

Requesting a group account username

To set up a group account, you must first request a unique username for the account:

  1. Go to Group Accounts in One.IU, and click Start.

  3. The following page will display the current status of your group account requests. Click Request New Username.
  4. Enter and re-enter the group username you want in the first two fields; in the "Display name:" field, enter the full name of your group. Select the campus and department associated with the group, and enter a brief description of the group's purpose.

    The username must be at least three and no more than eight characters; however, the display name can be longer.

  5. Clicking Submit routes your request for approval.

Creating the group account

When your group account username has been approved, you can create your group's first accounts, including an ADS domain account for creating and managing other technology accounts (and logging into certain university services), and an email account:

  1. Go to Group Accounts in One.IU, and click Start.

  3. If your group account request has been processed, the username you requested will be displayed. Click Select next to the username.
  4. Select the email options for the group account, and click Continue.
  5. Create a passphrase for the group account and enter it in both boxes. Click Create Accounts.

After your group account passphrase is set, you can request additional computing accounts for that group account. To do this, you must be logged into the group account, using the group username and passphrase. For requirements and instructions, see At IU, if I already have some computing accounts, how do I get others?

No new Imail accounts are being created in preparation for its retirement. UITS will provide at least six months' notice before Imail is discontinued.

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Getting help

If you need help or have a question, contact your campus Support Center or your department's IT Pro.

To learn the name of your department's IT Pro, consult your supervisor or your departmental website. If you still cannot identify your IT Pro, call the UITS Support Center at 812-855-6789 (Bloomington) or 317-274-4357 (Indianapolis).

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