ARCHIVED: About the Unified Messaging Service (UMS) at IU

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UITS is preparing to retire the UMS service, and no new accounts are being created. Faculty and staff members who currently have UMS accounts will be able to transition to alternative voice mail services; contact Communications Planning and Implementation to discuss which option is best for you.

At Indiana University, Unified Messaging Service (UMS) integrates voice messaging with your email account, letting you store voice messages in your mailbox along with your email. With UMS, you can access your voice messages using an email client or via your telephone with the telephone user interface (TUI).

There are three types of accounts:

  • Unified Messaging Service:
    • If you use Exchange, voice messages are automatically delivered to your email account. Notification for voice messages will appear in your email inbox (not on your phone).
    • You can access your calendar and listen to your email from a telephone when you are away from the office.
  • Voice mail only with web access:
    • You can create a "Forward Copy" rule from the web page if you want to forward a copy of voice messages to your email inbox.
    • You can have a message-waiting light (recommended only if you don't wish to receive messages via email).
    • You can listen to messages and set rules from the web page, but you cannot listen to email or check your Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • Voice mail only, no web access:
    • Access is by phone only. The message-waiting light indicates when you have voice messages.

UMS provides several advanced applications unavailable with traditional voice mail:

  • Follow Me: Sets your phone calls to follow you to designated phone numbers
  • Forward: Forwards specific callers to designated phone numbers
  • Notify Me: Sets inbound phone calls to notify you of specific types of incoming calls, or sets your phone calls to notify you of specific callers' voice mail messages. Use this to send text messages to cell phones or pagers.
  • Do Not Disturb: Redirects certain calls to your voice mail so you're not disturbed
  • Custom Greeting: Sets a text greeting for specific callers
  • Forward Copy: Forwards a copy of your voice mail to an email address

If you have a UMS account, visit UMS Voicemail for more information and to access these applications.

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