Migrate an existing WordPress blog to IU Blogs

If you have a WordPress blog, either on WordPress.com or hosted elsewhere, you can move your blog, including all of its associated posts, pages, and comments, to IU Blogs. You can do this in a few minutes by downloading an XML file from your old blogs and then uploading it to your new one.

Download an XML file

  1. Log into your existing WordPress blog as an administrator and proceed to the WordPress dashboard/control panel.
  2. On the left side, hover over Tools and select Export. If you are on a WordPress.com blog, the Free option is sufficient.
  3. Select Start Export.
  4. WordPress will let you choose to download posts, pages, feedback (WordPress comments and pingbacks), media, or all of the above. Choose the appropriate radio button, and then select the Download Export File button.

Having a copy of your media on your new blog is preferable to leaving it where it is and referencing it remotely from IU Blogs. Having a local copy of your media on your new blog will reduce page load times for your users and reduce the possibility of broken links.

Go to the IU Blogs Dashboard on your blog and navigate to Import under Tools. Select the appropriate blogging service that you are importing from. When prompted, upload the XML file that you downloaded.

The more content your blog has, the longer the download and upload will take. If your blog has lots of media like photos, videos, or audio, the export file could be large.

These steps also work for Blogger, Blogroll, LiveJournal, and MovableType. For more about importing from these blogging services, see the WordPress Codex Importing Content entry.

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