About IU Blogs (Edublogs)

IU Blogs provides a user-friendly platform for faculty and staff who want to create their own individual or departmental blogs. Through IU's subscription to the CampusPress Edublogs service, IU Blogs is available for use by all IU faculty, staff, and faculty-sponsored student projects.

To start creating your own blog, go to IU Blogs, and then click Get Started.

By default, your blog's theme will reflect the IU Brand, your campus, and the domain for your school or department. To request a school- or department-specific theme, email the IU Blogs support team with the CSS, images, and text you want to use. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and, depending on the amount of work and time required, a cost may be associated with implementing a requested theme.

CampusPress has tested, customized, and included several WordPress plug-ins that you can activate for use in IU Blogs. However, many WordPress plug-ins designed for self-hosted WordPress implementations (not multisite implementations, such as the CampusPress Edublogs service) will not work in IU Blogs. If a WordPress plug-in you need is not available in IU Blogs, send a request to the IU Blogs support team with the name of the plug-in and details about your desired goals. CampusPress will evaluate your request and provide a solution.

IU Blogs is not an appropriate platform for creating and managing IU websites. IU's Web Content Management System (WCMS) is available without fee to all IU faculty, staff, and faculty-sponsored student organizations wanting to create and manage websites. For more, see About IU Sitehosting accounts

If you have questions about the IU Blogs service, or need help, email the IU Blogs support team.

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