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IU Blogs provides a user-friendly platform for faculty and staff who want to create their own individual or departmental blogs. Through IU's subscription to the CampusPress Edublogs service, IU Blogs is available for use by all IU faculty, staff, and faculty-sponsored student projects.

To create your own blog, go to IU Blogs, and select Request an IU Blogs site.

Alternatives to IU Blogs

The IU Blogs platform is for blogging and may not be used for course websites, news distribution, or websites whose primary purpose is not blogging.


CampusPress has tested, customized, and included several WordPress plug-ins that you can activate for use in IU Blogs. However, many WordPress plug-ins designed for self-hosted WordPress implementations (not multisite implementations, such as the CampusPress Edublogs service) will not work in IU Blogs.

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