Connect to Zoom from a videoconferencing room

Indiana University's enterprise Zoom contract includes Zoom's Cloud Room Connector (CRC) capability, which allows participants using H.323 or SIP videoconferencing systems (such as Cisco or Polycom) to join IU Zoom meetings.

To connect to a Zoom meeting from an IU videoconferencing unit, dial the prefix 26 followed by the Zoom meeting ID. For example, if the Zoom meeting ID is 999 303 4405, enter 269993034405, and then press Dial. If the Zoom meeting has a meeting passcode, add * and the passcode to the end of the Zoom meeting ID, and then press Dial. For example, if the Zoom meeting ID is 999 303 4405, and the meeting passcode is 778899, enter 269993034405*778899, and then press Dial.

  • If the Zoom meeting host configured a passcode that contains alphabetic characters, Zoom will automatically generate a random all-numeric passcode for participants connecting via telephone or H.323/SIP videoconferencing systems. This passcode will be listed in the Zoom meeting invitation.
  • Zoom meetings hosted by non-IU Zoom accounts may not include the Cloud Room Connector (CRC) capability. IU participants can use the university's CRC license to join those meetings; for instructions, see Connect from an IU conference unit to a third-party Zoom meeting without CRC.
  • If you joined a Zoom meeting using the conference room equipment and other people in the meeting cannot hear you despite the room appearing unmuted:
    1. Verify that the meeting host did not manually mute you.
    2. If the host did not mute you, you were likely muted upon entry to the meeting. On the touchscreen or number pad, press the # symbol, then 1, and then 2.
    3. If you are still muted, contact Classroom Conferencing Support at 812-856-2020.

    The status light on the conference device may display green while the room is muted. The light only indicates if the microphone on the conference device is active.

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