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Zoom requires you to update your software if it's more than nine months behind the current version. If your version of Zoom software is older than nine months, you will be blocked from joining meetings until you upgrade. For help, see Upgrading Zoom to the latest version. Upgrading your Zoom software lets you take advantage of all available features and avoid potential issues. For more, see Zoom Software Quarterly Lifecycle Policy.

You can use the Zoom client and Zoom mobile app to:

Log into the Zoom client or mobile app

  • Before hosting or joining a meeting, join a test meeting to test your internet connection, audio, and video. Be sure to use the device you intend to connect or host from (such as videoconferencing equipment). If you wish to test from videoconferencing equipment, you will first need to create and host a meeting to join, as meetings cannot be hosted from videoconferencing equipment.
  • If you're connecting outside the US, see Accommodate international students who can't access Zoom.
  1. Open the Zoom client and select Sign in.
  2. On the "Sign in" page, select Sign In with SSO. A new screen will appear.
  3. On the "Sign in with SSO" page, type IU, and then select Continue.
  4. Sign in with your IU username and passphrase. If you're already signed into IU Login, your web browser may automatically log you into the Zoom client, or prompt you to launch Zoom so it can log you in.

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