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Wondering why you're being prompted to log in again? Some IU applications, most notably Canvas, have moved to the latest version of IU Login, which exists on an entirely new authentication infrastructure. While it looks almost identical to the existing IU Login, login sessions between the two infrastructures are not shared. This means you may be prompted to log in once for each infrastructure, depending on the application you are visiting. You can expect this experience until all applications have migrated to the latest version.

One change you may notice with the latest IU Login version is the appearance of two tabs to the right of the IU Login branding. These University and Guest tabs allow account holders of different types to log in with a variety of authentication methods. Unless you are using a Guest account to log in, you'll continue to use the University tab with your IU username and passphrase.

IU Login allows single sign-on (SSO), wherein University accounts can access multiple IU systems (such as One.IU, Canvas, and Timekeeping) after entering your IU username and passphrase only once. Be aware, however, that some applications may redirect you to log in again, even if you have already done so.

About the new look for IU Login

IU's authentication services, including CAS and Shibboleth, are undergoing an infrastructure refresh to update software, simplify architecture, and support continuous integration.

To better reflect IU enterprise authentication, the CAS branding was recently retired and replaced with the new IU Login design (click the image below to enlarge).

If you are an IU student, faculty member, staff member, or affiliate, continue to authenticate with your University account using your IU username and passphrase. Group account logins should also continue to use University account credentials.

When logging into some applications, IU Login displays one tab for University accounts and another for new Guest accounts. Students, faculty, staff, and affiliates, as well as group account logins, should remain on the University tab and authenticate with your IU username and passphrase.

Verify authenticity of IU Login

It's important to ensure you're entering your IU username and passphrase into IU Login, and not a phishing site. To verify an authentic IU Login web page:

Graphic of items to check for legitimate IU Login

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