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At Indiana University, any website that is formally hosted, maintained, or operated by IU should have a readily visible link to a privacy notice on the home page in support of Web Site, Web Application, and Web Services Privacy Notices (ISPP-24). Departments and units that create privacy notices for their web content can use the Website Privacy Notice Generator developed by the University Information Policy Office (UIPO) and the University Information Security Office (UISO).

The Website Privacy Notice Generator simplifies the process by presenting a series of questions about the visitor information your website collects, the ways the information is used, and the practices you follow to manage and protect that information. The Generator then uses your answers to create a customized privacy notice for you based on a template.

To get started, visit the Privacy Notice Generator application and select Create new privacy notice.

The IU Privacy Notice Generator API allows owners of notices or any user with full/view permission on a notice to dynamically retrieve a notice and display it on their website. Copying and pasting text to your site is the least-desired way to get the latest privacy notice into your website, as it risks your notice becoming outdated and the feature may be removed in future updates.

Update your privacy notice

If you already have a privacy notice generated for your site, consider whether it correctly answers the following:

  • Does your site link to the IU Global Privacy Statement?
  • Does your site use Google Analytics or any other third-party web analytic services that access information collected? Are they identified by name in your notice if in use?
  • Do you collect PHI or promote health services on your site?
  • Have any new forms been introduced that collect personal information?
  • Will you be actively collecting information (for example, address in Europe or nationality) which would indicate that the data subject is a citizen of a European country, China, or Brazil?
  • Does your notice include contact information for visitors with questions about how their data is handled, or who to contact for deletion?

Learn more and get help

If your website's privacy practices are especially complicated, or if you have any questions, contact the IU Privacy team ( for further assistance.

The Privacy team also encourages sites that sell any of the personal information to other third parties to consult with to ensure this is documented appropriately.

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