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The University Information Security Office (UISO), part of the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology (OVPIT), provides security analysis, development, education, and guidance related to Indiana University's information assets and information technology environment. The objective is to establish and maintain a resilient and secure infrastructure in which to conduct university business.

The UISO and its Incident Response (IR) staff work together in responding to and investigating incidents related to misuse or abuse of IU information technology resources, including computer and network security breaches and unauthorized disclosure or modification of electronic institutional or personal information. For more, see Information Security and Policy.

UISO teams and services

Following is a list of UISO teams and the services they provide.

UISO team Services

Incident Response (IR)

Handles incidents about:

  • IU Certificate Authority
  • DMCA
  • Phishing
  • Wireless/VPN group account exceptions
  • Incident Response Webservice (IRW)
  • Website Privacy Notice Generator (PNG)
  • Automated Certificate Management Environment (coming soon)
  • Sensitive data exposures
  • Legal requests/eDiscovery/preservations

Information and Systems Security

Provides technical expertise and insight to supplement continuous engagement consultations, and also handles:

  • Emerging threat response and communications, including security bulletins
  • Technical security consulting
  • Vulnerability scanning and web app scanning
  • Border Filter Content

System Risk Mitigation (SRM)

Responsible for:

  • Cyber risk mitigation via continuous engagement
  • Targeted information risk assessments supporting third-party assessments (3PAs) conducted by the Data Stewards/UDMC

Get help

For non-emergency, IT security-related questions, comments, or suggestions, or for requests for IT security-related consulting, send mail to uiso@iu.edu or call 812-855-UISO (8476).

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