Install the Denodo VDP client

Denodo is a data virtualization and data integration platform in use at Indiana University. Denodo can connect to many different kinds of data sources and then combine, aggregate, or join and filter these data sources and present the results in multiple formats.

Denodo is a highly available enterprise service that is only interrupted for maintenance on the third Sunday of each month, 5-6am. If Denodo requires a longer maintenance window, it will be advertised in advance.

Denodo 8 introduces Design Studio, a web-based tool that includes most of the functionality found in the desktop client. Supported desktop clients are available for Windows and Linux operating systems only.

To install Denodo VDP 8.0:

  1. Go to IUware and select Denodo Platform Denodo 8 Installer.
  2. Select Log in for access and, if prompted, enter your IU username and passphrase.
  3. Select to download this ZIP file onto your machine; you can save it to any location you choose.
  4. Select Denodo Platform Denodo 8 Update 20230301 and download
  5. Unzip
  6. When the unzip is complete, navigate to denodo-install-vdp-client-8.0-ga-20200807-win64/denodo-install-client-8.0 and run install.exe with your normal user account.
  7. Once Denodo starts, you can safely remove and the extracted denodo-install-vdp-client-8.0-win64 folder.
  8. At the Windows command line or in Windows Explorer, navigate to the DENODO_HOME directory (usually C:\Users\username\Virtual DataPort Administration Tool of Denodo Platform-8.0, where username is your username).
  9. Create a subdirectory named update.
  10. Move the downloaded ZIP file named to the new directory.
  11. Unzip the downloaded file into the update directory (Extract Here in 7-Zip).
  12. Close all running instances of the Denodo Platform VDP Administration Tool.
  13. Launch Denodo with the desktop shortcut or run denodo_platform.bat in the DENODO_HOME\bin directory where you installed Denodo.
  14. On the right side of the Denodo Platform Control Center screen, select Update.
  15. In the bottom right, select Install Update.
  16. Navigate to the DENODO_HOME directory and then to the update directory created above.
  17. Select the denodo-v80-update-202303012200.jar file.
  18. If you see a pop-up window telling you that you need to stop running programs, stop any Denodo tools and select OK.
  19. When the update process indicates that the Denodo Control Center will shut down and that you will need to re-launch it, select OK.
  20. When the update process finishes successfully, select OK.

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