Install the Denodo VDP client

Denodo is a data virtualization and data integration platform in use at Indiana University. Denodo can connect to many different kinds of data sources and then combine, aggregate, or join and filter these data sources and present the results in multiple formats.

To install Denodo VDP 6.0:

  1. Go to IUware and select denodo Platform v6.0 with February 2018 update.
  2. Click Log in for access and, if prompted, enter your IU username and passphrase.
  3. Click DenodoPackage6.exe to download this self-extracting package onto your machine; you can save it to any location you choose.
  4. Open the package to extract the DenodoPackage6 folder.
    In Windows 8, you may need to use 7-Zip to extract the DenodoPackage6 folder instead of simply executing it, because Windows 8 sometimes blocks .exe files downloaded from the internet. As a workaround, you can rename the file to give it a .exe suffix; the package should then self-extract when executed.
  5. Open the DenodoPackage6 folder.
  6. Right-click the DenodoInstaller.bat file and select Run as administrator; this will install Denodo, place a link on your desktop, and start the application. The license, updates, and certificates are automatically installed.
  7. If you want to add Denodo to your Start menu, right-click the Denodo link on your desktop and select Add to Start menu or Pin to Start.
  8. Once Denodo starts, you can safely remove DenodoPackage6.exe and the extracted DenodoPackage6 folder.

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