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At Indiana University, students, faculty, and staff may use their Google at IU Drive in Canvas.

Always use your Google at IU account for Indiana University coursework and other university business. Personal Google accounts are not approved for institutional data. See Manage multiple Google accounts at IU.

Be sure to verify (in the upper right) which account you're logged into when working in Google. By default, Google keeps you logged in, even when you close your browser, unless you sign out first. Thus, for example, you may be logged into your personal account, even when starting from google.iu.edu. You may wish to add a profile picture for each of your accounts to help differentiate between them; for instructions, see Add a profile picture.

Connect to your Google at IU Drive

Items in the Shared with Me folder will not display by default. To access shared Drive content in Canvas, add that content to "My Drive".

To connect to your Google at IU Drive in Canvas:

  1. Check whether you're signed into any other Google accounts. To do so, go to google.com and look at the upper right. If you see a blue Sign in button, proceed to step 2. If you see a circular profile image or initial:
    1. Click the profile image or initial to view the accounts that you're currently logged into.
    2. Click Sign out to sign out of all of your Google accounts, and then completely close all your browser windows.
  2. Navigate to your Canvas course and then, in the course navigation on the left, click Google Drive.
    • If you're successfully signed into your Google at IU Drive, you'll immediately see your Drive contents.
    • If you aren't signed into any Google accounts, you'll be directed to a page reading "Log In" at the top with an AUTHORIZE button at the bottom of the page; you may need to scroll down to see this button. Click AUTHORIZE, select your Google at IU account (username@iu.edu), and enter your IU username and passphrase to access your Google at IU Drive.

Remove a Google Drive authorization

To successfully remove a Google Drive authorization, you'll need to remove authorization from both Canvas and Google.

To remove a Google Drive authorization from Canvas:

  1. Open a new private/incognito browsing window.
  2. Log into Canvas and select Account, and then click Settings.
  3. Under "Approved Integrations", click the trash can icon (Google trashcan icon) next to "Google Drive LTI IAD-Prod" to remove the active account authorization.

To remove a Google Drive authorization from Google:

  1. Open a new private/incognito browsing window.
  2. Navigate to https://myaccount.google.com/permissions.
  3. Click Sign In, and sign in using your @iu.edu email address.
  4. Click Manage Apps.
  5. Under "Apps connected to your account", click Google Drive LTI by Canvas.
  6. Click Remove, and then click OK to confirm the removal.

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