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The IU Web Framework lets you use familiar form options (e.g., drop-down menus, text input, checkboxes, WYSIWYG editors) to create web pages, which you can then publish through SFTP to Webserve or any hosting server. The framework is fully brand compliant and follows Indiana University standards for accessibility.

The IU Web Framework was built as a collaboration between UITS, IU Communications, and representatives from regional campuses using Cascade Server Web Content Management System (WCMS), Indiana University's enterprise content management system.

Request the IU Web Framework

For more information about the IU Web Framework, help guides to request the Framework, and access to a practice sandbox environment, visit IU Web Framework.

Learn to use the IU Web Framework

Instructor-led learning workshops for using the IU Web Framework are available through UITS IT Training.

View IU Web Framework changes

You may view a changelog for IU Web Framework at Web Framework Changelog. Links from the changelog include instructions on how to update your Framework site code to use the new features.

Get help

The framework is a self-service tool available to developers. If you are not a developer but want to use the framework for your site, IU Communications or TechSelect can assist you; to contact these offices, see Get Help.

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For help or to comment, email the UITS Support Center.