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Schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment with an advisor using the Student Appointment Scheduler, go to Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS). If prompted, log in with your IU username and passphrase..

Your home screen will list your upcoming appointments, as well as links to any past or canceled appointments.

If your advisor or staff person is not using the SAS, you cannot schedule or view those appointments here.
  1. Select the advisor you would like to meet with:
    • Under "Find Appointments", choose any of the academic advisors, advising offices, or staff members assigned to you.
    • To find another advisor, click Search Advisors to search by name, department, position title, or subject area. Staff using SAS have tags associated with their calendars so you can easily find them.
  2. Once you have selected an advisor, you will see the advisor's bio and available drop-in times. If the drop-in times don't work with your schedule, or if you have more than a quick question, click Schedule Appointment.
  3. When the calendar displays, you will see the different appointment types and available days.

    SAS Schedule Appointment calendar screen

    Select or filter appointments:

    • Filter by preferred appointment types by checking the "Appointment Type" checkboxes: In-person, Group, Online, and Phone.
    • Circled dates indicate availability. Click any circled date to see available appointment slots.
    • Group appointment slots provide the name of the group, the advisor or staff member leading the session, and the number of seats still available.
  4. When you find a slot that works for you, click Request Appointment. Enter your current phone number and the reason for your appointment.

Appointment confirmation

Once your appointment request is processed, a confirmation box will appear on the list of appointment slots. The appointment will also appear on your SAS home page with options to reschedule or cancel.

Confirmation email from the advisor or staff member will automatically be sent to your IU account. This will include the date, time, and location of your meeting, as well as a message from the advisor with details or instructions for preparing for this meeting.

If you make your appointment more than two days in advance, you will receive a reminder message of your upcoming appointment approximately one day before you are scheduled to meet.

Cancel an appointment

If you cancel the appointment, you will need to give a reason. You will then be taken to your list of available appointments so you can reschedule.

If the advisor, staff member, or the schedule manager needs to cancel an appointment, you will be notified by email. The message will state the cancellation reason and direct you to return to SAS to reschedule.

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