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The Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS) lets students view available appointment times and schedule or cancel appointments with academic advisors, success coaches, and other faculty or staff members. Students can also choose to receive text reminders for their scheduled SAS appointments.

After you schedule an appointment in SAS, you will see a confirmation screen with an option to opt into (and opt out of) text reminders. Follow the steps below to change your preferences.

Opt into text message reminders

All students are opted out of text reminders by default. To opt into text message reminders:

  1. Schedule your appointment in SAS. For help, see Schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Student Appointment Scheduler.
  2. On the appointment confirmation screen, you will be asked if you want to opt into text reminders via the new Notification Center. To opt into text messages, select notification center settings.
  3. The link should take you to the "Register for text messages" page. If not, in your Notifications Center, next to your username at the top, select Settings.
  4. Under "Contact settings", in the "Your mobile number" section, select +Number to add your mobile phone number.

    Before entering your mobile number, an explanation of text message reminders and a link to the terms of service will appear.

    If you register your mobile number, some services you opt into may send you reminders and updates via text message. To learn more, see our Terms of Service and Text Messaging Policy.
  5. After entering your mobile number, select Send verification code. When you receive the verification code on your mobile device, enter the code in the box provided and select Verify code.
  6. An option to manage your text message notifications will appear. To opt into text reminders for your SAS appointments, check Student Appointment Schedule – Appointment Reminder, and, under "Yes, I wish to receive text messages", select I agree.

    Now you will receive text reminders for all future appointments. You will be reminded that you have opted into reminders each time you schedule an appointment in SAS.

    Currently, all text reminders are sent at 8pm EST the day before the appointment. In the future, reminders will be sent twice per day based on the time of your upcoming appointment.
  7. To see what text message services you are currently enrolled in, in the Notifications Center, select Settings. Under "Notification settings", expand the "Student Appointment Scheduler" section. You will see a Send text message checkbox.

Opt out of text message reminders

You will see the option to edit these settings in future on-screen confirmation messages after scheduling appointments in SAS.

To opt out of text reminders:

  1. In your Notification Center, select Settings.
  2. Under "Notification settings", expand the "Student Appointment Scheduler" section and uncheck Send text message. You will no longer receive text reminders for SAS.

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