Data Manager approval for Denodo and Tableau

At Indiana University, Data Stewards and Data Managers (DMs) are responsible for assuring that institutional data used for Decision Support is handled in a manner consistent with a wide variety of requirements and regulations established by various government agencies and the Indiana University Board of Trustees. Developers, when using institutional data in Denodo views or Tableau workbooks, have a responsibility to consult with DMs to make sure that their intended use conforms to the policies established by the Data Stewards and enforced by the DMs.

The UITS Enterprise Decision Support Systems (EDSS) team is responsible for ensuring that developers have met this responsibility prior to migrating Denodo and Tableau objects. To do this in a way that satisfies Internal Audit, DM approval must be documented. If you submit inadequate documentation to EDSS, the security team will be unable to proceed, resulting in delay in migrating the data source.

For information about institutional data systems and their corresponding DMs and Data Stewards, go to the Enterprise Information Governance (EIG) system's search page. Allow data to populate the page, and then use the Application drop-down menu to locate the appropriate source system or systems. Be aware that DM responsibility for some subject areas is divided among DMs by individual campus, and for some subject areas is designated for all campuses ("systemwide").

Contacting the appropriate DMs before you begin coding can save time in the long run.

Most data used in Decision Support is institutional data. However, if a department or school maintains an information system for its own use, and that system doesn't contain data extracted from an institutional source, that data is considered departmental data and DM approval is not required. Any data extracted from an institutional system, even if it is a subset that includes only data for one department or school, is institutional data and requires DM approval.


Denodo does not yet contain a workflow for documenting approval; instead, developers obtain DM approval and document it in the EDSS ticketing system. You can include DMs in your approval request and allow them to comment on it, or you can convert correspondence with DMs to .pdf format prior to attaching it to the ticket (the ticketing system strips out some attachment types). DM approval is required when:

  • Migrating a new data source from development to staging and production
  • Granting a batch account access to Denodo objects
  • Creating or modifying Denodo security groups

If you have combined data from multiple source systems, multiple DMs will need to review and approve the use case. Adequate documentation for migrating a new data source consists of correspondence from the DM(s) indicating that they have reviewed the use case and agree that it is an appropriate use for Denodo.

When you're securing DM approval for batch account access or security group creation or modification, be sure that the correspondence records approval for a specific group account or individual(s) to have access to specific views in specific virtual databases (VDBs) in specific environments (i.e., Development, Test, and/or Production). You should also clearly state the type of access (e.g., read only).

To submit your approval documentation, fill out the EDSS Support Form, selecting Denodo in the "Application" section.


For Tableau, DM approval is routed via a workflow system. DM approval is required when:

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