XFINITY streaming TV for departments

IU Departments on the IU Bloomington, IUPUI, and IU South Bend campuses may use the XFINITY streaming TV service with a Roku device.

  1. For access, email and provide the following:
    • Department using the XFINITY streaming TV service
    • The account number to which the TV subscription should be billed
    • A group account (to see yours, go to Your Accounts) that can be used to give permission to the subscription (a separate group account for each Roku device)
    • Campus location of the TV device (campus, building name)
  2. After has confirmed that the IU group account has been granted access, set up the Roku device with a departmental Roku account:
    1. Follow the Roku on-screen instructions to get to the Roku device linking page where the Roku code is displayed.
    2. Enter the Roku code, and select the option to create a new account.
    3. Enter generic user details for the department Roku account, such as:
      • First name: User 001
      • Last Name: Department TV
      • Email address: Use the IU group account email address approved for use with the Xfinity service, such as
      • Password: Do not use the IU group account passphrase as the Roku account password
      • Birthday: Select random values
      • Gender: Select either male or female
    4. After saving the user details, you'll be directed to a screen requesting payment information. Click the Roku logo in the upper-left corner of the page to return to the Roku homepage, and then select activate a device.
  3. After setting up the Roku device, follow the same instructions as a student, but log in with the group account mentioned above instead of your personal account.

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