ARCHIVED: Oncourse Announcements: Overview

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Oncourse is retired. For details, see ARCHIVED: About the Oncourse retirement.

What it does

The Announcements tool is used to inform site participants about current items of interest. Announcements can have multiple attachments, such as documents or web addresses (URLs).

To see the announcements from all the sites to which you belong, in the menubar of My Workspace, click Announcements.

Key concepts

Sorting: You can sort announcements by subject, saved by (i.e., the person who last modified the announcement), modified date, for (i.e., the intended audience), beginning date, or ending date.

Posting: Announcements are posted to a course, project, or portfolio site. Site owners and instructors can choose to have an announcement automatically sent via email to all site participants by using the "low" or "high" notification setting. For more on managing email, see ARCHIVED: Tools for managing site communication.

Things to consider

  • Announcements are a useful way to post a notice about an important change in deadlines, meeting times, or meeting locations.
  • When creating an announcement, you can select Show to make it visible, Hide to hide it, or Specify Dates to set a beginning date and ending date for the announcement's visibility.
  • The most recently added or edited announcement will appear first. To change the order of the announcements, you can either edit each announcement until they display in the desired listing, or use the reorder feature.

Help documentation

For help documentation about the Announcements tool, see ARCHIVED: Announcements.

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