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Instructure has released a new quizzing tool for Canvas called Quizzes.Next. Quizzes.Next offers several new features and question types, but is missing many features from the current Quizzes tool on which many instructors depend. Both tools will continue to be available until Quizzes.Next has achieved feature parity with Canvas Quizzes. The original Canvas Quizzes tool will eventually be retired, but Instructure has not yet announced the timeline.

UITS has enabled Quizzes.Next in Canvas so that instructors can begin to familiarize themselves with the tool by experimenting in practice courses and/or using it for no- or low-stakes course activities.

Quizzes.Next vs. Canvas Quizzes

To learn more about the new tool and how it compares with the existing Canvas Quizzes tool, see the following documents. Instructure updates these documents regularly as new features are implemented in Canvas.Next.

The comparison linked above is a high-level overview of the differences. Listed below are some additional features in Canvas Quizzes that are not yet available in Quizzes.Next:

  • The Quizzes.Next rich content editor for authoring questions and submitting responses to short answer/essay questions does not yet offer the following features:
    • Content Selector Sidebar
    • Accessibility Checker
    • Apps and LTI tools (for example, ability to embed Kaltura videos and other app-based content)
    • HTML Editor
    • Media Recorder
    • Right-to-left/left-to-right formatting
  • Quizzes.Next assessments are only synced to blueprint courses during the initial sync. Changes to Quizzes.Next assessments are not included in subsequent sync attempts.
  • Quizzes.Next assessments are not overwritten when imported again through Import Course Content.
  • Question banks created in Canvas Quizzes cannot be migrated directly to Quizzes.Next.
  • Scientific notation is not supported in responses to numeric questions.
  • It is not possible to create question groups that are not linked to an item bank. There is, however, a new item type called a "stimulus" type that allows a group of questions to be associated with a block of content.
  • Instructors cannot grant additional attempts on a per-student basis.
  • Instructors cannot hide quiz feedback from students.
  • Quizzes.Next does not currently offer an API.

Enable Quizzes.Next

Quizzes.Next is a course-level feature option that can be turned on and off. To enable Quizzes.Next in a course:

  1. In the course navigation menu, click Settings.
  2. Click the Feature Options tab.
  3. To the right of "Quizzes.Next", click the toggle to move it to the on position. The toggle should turn green and display a checkmark.
  4. To disable Quizzes.Next, click the toggle again. It should turn dark blue with a white "X".

Get started

Even though Quizzes.Next is part of the Canvas LMS, it behaves a little differently than other core Canvas tools because it's an external LTI tool. Here are some pointers to help get you oriented; see the documentation for detailed instructions.

  • Start in Assignments: You won't find a Quizzes.Next tab in the course navigation. Instead, you'll access Quizzes.Next from the Canvas Assignments tool for most tasks, including creating a new quiz. See How do I create an assessment using Quizzes.Next?
    Regardless of the number of points available in the quiz, the point value entered in the assignment details determines the value in the Gradebook. For the Gradebook score, the percentage of quiz points earned is multiplied by the points possible in the assignment details. For example, if a student earns 18 out of 20 points (90%) on a quiz worth 15 points in the assignment details, the student's score in the Gradebook would be 90% of 15, or 13.5.
  • Grade from the Gradebook: You can access SpeedGrader to grade a quiz in Quizzes.Next. Start from the Grades link. For more, see How do I grade an assessment in Quizzes.Next?
  • Edit quiz settings and questions: Some quiz settings are managed in the assignment associated with the quiz, and others are managed in the quiz itself. To edit the title, point value, or due dates, open the options menu for the assignment and choose Edit. To edit the delivery setting or quiz questions, click the title of the quiz in the Assignments list.
  • Return to your course: When you are working in a Quizzes.Next quiz, the navigation menu for your course will be hidden. To leave the quiz and return to your course at any time, click Return at the upper right.


Get help

Teaching and learning centers

Instructors can get help using technology in their teaching at the teaching and learning centers on each campus.

UITS Support Center

For help using Quizzes.Next, email the UITS Mission Critical team. You can also contact your campus Support Center directly.

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