About Canvas releases

Instructure deploys a new release of the Canvas learning management system every three weeks. Each release includes a small number of enhancements and bug fixes. Notes for each release are posted to the Product Release Notes forum in the Canvas Community. If you'd like to be notified about changes in upcoming releases, you can subscribe to the Release Notes stream; to do so:

  1. Log into Canvas.

  2. Go to the Canvas Community; to do so from within Canvas, in the lower left corner, select Help and then select Ask the Community.
  3. Select Log in. If you are prompted to select the name of your Canvas instance, choose iu.instructure.com.
  4. From the top, select Q & A, and then select Release Notes.
  5. At the upper right, select Follow. You will now be updated when any new Canvas release update is available.

You can subscribe to other Canvas forums in much the same way.

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