ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, how do I undo or change a redirected syllabus?

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Oncourse is retired. For details, see ARCHIVED: About the Oncourse retirement.
To complete these procedures, you must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions. If you're not sure what your role is, see the "Role" column in the Roster tool. For permissions, see ARCHIVED: What can I do in read-only Oncourse?

Using your site's Syllabus tool, it's possible to display a web page or PDF as your syllabus by redirecting to either an external URL or a URL that points to a file in your Resources. To undo or change the redirect:

  1. From your site's menubar, click Syllabus.
  2. Click Create/Edit.
  3. Click Redirect.
  4. Under "Redirect Syllabus", delete the URL from the "URL" field, or enter a new URL.
  5. When you're finished, click Save.

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