Sign into and out of Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Acrobat in IUanyWare

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Sign into Adobe

When you launch an Adobe product in IUanyWare, you'll be prompted with a "Sign in" window. To sign in and use Adobe via IUanyWare:

  1. In the email address field, enter your IU username followed by (in other words,, even if your primary IU email address is different, and wait for redirection.

    Log in with your IU username and passphrase.

  2. You should now have access to Adobe software. If you receive a "Limit Reached" notice, select Sign me out of the other computers so I can sign in here, and then click Continue.
The Manage Activated Devices link will not work if you use an Enterprise login.

Sign out of Adobe

IU's Adobe Creative Cloud license allows two concurrent active instances of Creative Cloud. You can install Creative Cloud on as many computers as you wish, but you can only be logged in on two of them at any given time. If you attempt to log into a third instance, you will receive a warning and an opportunity to deactivate (in other words, log out of) the other instances. For this reason, if you have Creative Cloud installed on more than one computer, UITS recommends that you deactivate Creative Cloud any time you are not actively using it.

UITS also recommends that you sign out of your Adobe account just before closing your application in IUanyWare, even if you only use Adobe via IUanyWare. To do so, in the Adobe application, click Help and then select Sign Out.

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