About running the same PDQ in the IUIE

If, within one day, you attempt to run a PDQ (pre-defined query) with the same parameters as an existing PDQ, and the results from your previous PDQ were sent to your Completed Reports folder, you will receive the following warning:

"This form had validation errors. Specific messages are shown below, where the errors were detected.

Completed Reports using these parameters exist from earlier runs today. Press the 'Run Anyway' button if you want to re-run this job."

If you receive this error, you have two choices:

  • To execute the report again, click Run Anyway.
  • To view the completed report output from the previous run, click the link to the folder containing the report (located below the warning).

Whenever possible, you should avoid duplicate executions of any report object within one day, as duplicate executions waste system resources.

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