ARCHIVED: What functionalities available in Microsoft Word 2003 are not available in Word 2007?

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Warning: The file format used by Office 2007 documents is incompatible with older versions of Office, including Office 2003. For ways to open Office 2007 documents without installing Office 2007, see ARCHIVED: If I don't have Office 2007, how can I open Office 2007 documents? The Student Technology Centers (STCs) at Indiana University Bloomington and IUPUI are now running Office 2007.

The information and rationales in this document come from the Microsoft TechNet page Changes in Office Word 2007.

Feature Description Reason for change Migration path, if applicable
Autosummarize command
Removed from user interface, but still available in the command well
Low-use feature
Use this feature from the command well.
Blue background with white text
Option removed
Included in previous versions of Word to emulate legacy versions of WordPerfect, but no longer used
Converter mswrd832.cnv Removed
New Office Word 2007 converter has improved functionality
Converter wrd6er32.cnv Removed
This converter saved Word 97-2003 files as RTF with a .doc extension so files could be read by Word 95.
To create documents Word 95 can read, save the documents as RTF files and download the Office Converter Pack to enable Word 95 to open them.
Outdated Korean-specific converters (GSR32.CNV, HANA32.CNV, TGWP32.CNV) removed
These converters supported three word processing programs no longer in use.
Diagram object model Removed See Changes in Charting  
Eastern European Font add-in
Removed but available as a download
No code-page dependencies for more than five years; only useful for files with font-mapping issues created on previous systems
Download from the Microsoft Download Center.
File Search Removed
Low-use feature, redundant with other search mechanisms
Fix broken text
Ability to open Word 6.0 documents and fix broken text (i.e., to turn 8-bit characters into 16-bit characters) removed
Low-use feature for a legacy issue
Tool will remain available online
Font Text Effects
Text Effect dialog box removed
Functionality no longer useful in current site design
Remove text formatting through a variety of methods, including the Remove Formatting option.
Format themes
Format Themes dialog box for choosing HTML/CSS themes removed
Replaced with Themes architecture
Use new Themes architecture.
ietag.dll browser helper object (BHO) removed (provides OOUI/Action Menu functionality when a document with recognized smart tags opens within Internet Explorer)
With changes in Word Mail, feature is no longer necessary
Mail merge bar codes Removed
Can no longer insert a bar code into a mail merge
Mergeable address lists Removed Low-use feature
Mergeable address lists from Word 2003 still available on Office Online
Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI) tool set and code dependencies on MODI removed
Replaced with XPS
Online fax vendors or others who rely on MODI technology can either download MODI or update applications to use XPS.
Microsoft Script Editor (MSE) removed; documents containing scripts upgraded to new file formats lose scripts without warning
Removal of this low-use feature increases security.
PAB support
Personal Address Book (PAB) converter removed from Word; can no longer use a PAB file as a source for mail merge documents
Replaced by Outlook Contacts
Use Contacts rather than PAB files.
Save As Web Page option
Save As Web Page option removed; replaced with File menu's Save As button
Save As dialog box provides more convenient functionality
Click File, then Save As, and then select Web page.
Send to Routing Recipient Removed
Low-use feature; removal from user interface improves the user experience
Set the width of a space like WordPerfect 5.x
Removed No longer necessary  
Third-party OCX controls
Third-party tools removed from Web Tools toolbar (allowed insertion of movies, sound, or scrolling text [marquees])
Disabled because of security updates
Versioning Removed
Replaced by document life cycle (DLC) functionality
Use the Version Extraction Tool (VET) in the Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM) to extract versions of a document into multiple files; for more information, see Migrate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to the 2007 Office system.
Insert Web Components for Office XP
Removed Low-use feature  
Web discussions
Entry points to web discussions removed
Web discussions entry points are removed from Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
Wizards: Agenda, Envelope, Fax, Letter, Memo, Pleading, Resume
Replaced by more modern templates
Use templates on Office Online
WordPerfect navigation
Removed, including Help for WordPerfect users and navigation keys matching WordPerfect
Low-use legacy functionality  
Removed (rendered equations when WordPerfect 5.0 and 6.0 files were opened in Word)
Increases security by removing legacy code no longer used
Available in the Office Converter Pack

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