Public cloud accounts for students

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Indiana University encourages students to learn about the growing field of hyper-scale computing on the public cloud. Below are resources to explore the tools and technology provided by the three main public cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Google Cloud

  • Anyone can create a Google Cloud account on the Google Cloud Free Tier with a personal Gmail account and take advantage of a $300 credit for first-time users.
  • Any Google Cloud account with an IU email address will automatically be part of IU's enterprise Google organization, and your account will be deleted after you are no longer affiliated with the university. IU Cloud Technology Support can assist with moving your school projects to a personal Google account when you graduate. Contact the Support Center to submit a request; include your name, your IU username, and the non-IU email address you'd like to move the project to.
  • Google offers extensive Google Cloud training and career readiness resources, including credits, scholarships, internships, certifications, and on-demand training courses for deeper understanding of Google Cloud.

Microsoft Azure

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