At IU, what is my email address?

As part of the release of Google at IU on May 9, 2016, everyone at Indiana University who did not have a email address has been given one, even if they already had another email address based on campus affiliation. Your primary email address remains the same, unless you change it, and you will continue to receive mail sent to any of your addresses as usual. If is not your primary email address, messages sent to will be automatically forwarded to your primary email address.

Each Indiana University email address is a combination of a Network ID username and one of nine IU-owned domains. Most people were provided a domain based on their campus affiliation when they created their first IU computing accounts. More recently, individuals have been given the option to choose the domain. Thus, some people have only an IU system-wide address, while others also have an email address based on a campus affiliation.

IU system-wide address
(assigned to all users)
Campus-based email addresses
IU Bloomington
IU East (Richmond)
IU Kokomo
IU Northwest (Gary)
IUPU Columbus or
IPFW (Fort Wayne)
IPFW users are not on the UITS email systems.
IU South Bend
IU Southeast (New Albany)

The email services available to you may vary based on your IU status. At all campuses except IPFW, undergraduate students create email accounts on the Umail system when they create their first accounts. Faculty and staff are hosted on the Exchange servers. Graduate students may create either a Umail account, an Exchange account, or both.

UITS no longer allows the creation of Imail accounts, in anticipation of its retirement. See About the Imail retirement.
  • If you are a student with an Imail or Umail account, your IU email address will match the one listed above, but your reply-to address will reflect the email service you use (e.g,
  • Whether mail sent to you at the email address listed above actually ends up in your IU email account depends on the address you specify as your preferred email account; see At IU, how do I change my primary email address and set delivery for my email addresses?


Before setting your IU email address to forward to a non-IU service (e.g., Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!), note:

  • UITS cannot guarantee email delivery to non-IU accounts, delays in delivery can occur, and the UITS Support Center may not be able to help with some problems concerning non-IU accounts. If your email forwarding fails for any reason, you may miss important official communications sent to your IU address for which you are still responsible.
  • Faculty, staff, residents, and students in HIPAA Affected Areas whose roles may require sharing protected health information (PHI) via email (e.g., Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Optometry) are not permitted to set up mail forwarding to outside accounts, as this could result in the violation of federal and state laws. For more, see HIPAA Privacy and Security.

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