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The IU Notifications service, first released in April 2019, allows applications at IU to deliver notifications to those in the IU community in a consistent way through a variety of channels.

Notifications are delivered to your Notification Center, an interface where you can view and take action on any sent notification which hasn't expired, and also manage your notification preferences. Notifications can also be sent through email, text messages, and push notifications, if you opt in to allow notifications through IU Mobile. The Notification Center also allows you to customize notification preferences to control how you receive notifications from various systems which integrate with the IU Notifications service.

For details about setting up an application to send an IU notification, see Publish notifications through the IU Notifications service.


  • Email notifications: Notifications sent through email are delivered to your primary IU email address. Every email message sent from the IU Notifications service will come from notifications@iu.edu. In addition, the email message will include a standard footer at the bottom of the message so you can check for authenticity. (If you receive any notification you believe may be a phishing attack, report it immediately.)
  • Text messages: If you opt in, you can receive time-sensitive notifications by text message. You can opt in for some or all types of notifications. To opt out of receiving text messages from IU:
    • IU Notifications service: Go to IU Notifications, then select Settings > Contact Settings, and then remove your phone number.
    • Salesforce: Reply with STOP to any message.
    • Mainstay: Reply with STOP to any message.
    • Signal Vine : Reply with STOP to any message.
  • Push notifications: Time-sensitive notifications can be delivered through a push notification to mobile devices, if you've opted in to receive notifications through IU Mobile. The first time IU Mobile is installed, it prompts you to register for these notifications. If you decline, you can enable the notifications later by clicking the gear icon in the mobile application.
  • Message priority: Nearly every message sent through the IU Notifications service will have a normal priority. Those which are time-sensitive and require action by a certain deadline are considered urgent priority, and thus:
    • Appear at the top of your Notification Center.
    • Are always sent to your primary email address, bypassing your notification preferences.

Get Help

If you have questions or otherwise need help with the IU Notifications service, email the One.IU team at one@iu.edu.

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