ARCHIVED: In Stata, how do I perform propensity score matching?

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Stata does not have a built-in command for propensity score matching, a non-experimental method of sampling that produces a control group whose distribution of covariates is similar to that of the treated group. However, there are several user-written modules for this method. The following modules are among the most popular:


psmatch2.ado was developed by Leuven and Sianesi (2003) and pscore.ado by Becker and Ichino (2002). More recently, Abadie, Drukker, Herr, and Imbens (2004) introduced nnmatch.ado. All three modules support pair-matching as well as subclassification.

You can find these modules using the .net command as follows:

  .net search psmatch2
  .net search pscore
  .net search nnmatch

You can install these modules using the .ssc or .net command, for example:

  .ssc install psmatch2, replace

After installation, read the help files to find the correct usage, for example:

  .help psmatch2

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