What is Stata, and how do I access it at IU?

Stata is a general-purpose statistical analysis package created and maintained by StataCorp LP. Its capabilities include a broad range of statistical analyses, plus data management, graphics, simulations, and custom programming. For more, see StataCorp's Stata features.

Stata is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Its file formats are platform-independent to allow exchange of data sets between users of different operating systems.

Each version of Stata is released with four builds:

  • Stata/MP: For multiprocessor computers (the fastest version of Stata)
  • Stata/SE: For large data sets
  • Stata/IC: The standard version; for moderate data sets
  • Small Stata: For small data sets (for educational purchase only)

For a feature comparison of Stata's builds, see StataCorp's Which Stata is right for me? For a list of Stata support resources available through StataCorp, see Stata resources and support.

At Indiana University:

If you have questions about using statistical and mathematical software at Indiana University, contact Research Analytics. Research Analytics is located on the IU Bloomington campus at Woodburn Hall 200; staff are available for consultation Monday-Friday 9am-noon and by appointment.

For details about availability of UITS services during winter break, see UITS winter break support hours.

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