Known issues with external email flagging

The following is continually updated information about the status of known issues with external email flagging at Indiana University.

Issue Description Workaround Last updated
The banner at the top of emails flagged as external sometimes is added as attachments instead of being displayed in the email. Depending on the formatting of the email, if the HTML or plain text versions of the error stating "This message was sent from a non-IU address. Please exercise caution when clicking links or opening attachments from external sources" are not added into the email due to formatting, they will instead be added as attachments. The [External] flag added to the title of an email should be there regardless of how the banner is added. This is expected behavior. September 25, 2019
Outlook does not correctly display meeting invitations sent from external email addresses. In some cases, meeting invitations sent from external users who have Outlook configured to send mail via SMTP do not display correctly for IU recipients with external email flagging enabled. External users can switch to a different email client, or IU recipients can disable external email flagging. August 27, 2019
Opt-out option doesn't work for account aliases The option to opt out of external email flagging doesn't work for aliases associated with IU accounts.

Contact the Support Center for help.

July 23, 2019
Outlook can't thread internal and external replies External and internal replies may not be threaded into a single conversation. Switch to a different email client or turn off external email flagging. April 29, 2019

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