Flag email sent from non-IU sources to help identify potential phishing attempts


To help you recognize potential phishing attempts, Exchange Online offers a service that identifies and flags incoming email sent from outside of IU.

With external email flagging enabled, messages you receive that are not from an authorized sender of IU mail will have an [External] tag prepended to the Subject line. Additionally, the following warning is added to the top of the message body:

This message was sent from a non-IU address. Please exercise caution when clicking links or opening attachments from external sources.

To deactivate external email flagging for an IU email account:

  1. Go to Deactivate external email flagging for your IU email account.
  2. Authenticate as the account you’d like to disable external flagging for.
  3. Submit the form. Allow an hour for the change to take effect.

To enable external flagging on an IU email account, contact the Support Center.


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