Enable AllDisks backups in Intelligent Infrastructure (II)

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Set AllDisks as the desired backup type

To set AllDisks as the backup type:

  1. Follow the instructions in Interact with a VM in the Intelligent Infrastructure (II) self-service portal.
  2. When choosing which action to perform, select Change VM Backup Type.
  3. In the resulting form, from the drop-down for the backup type for the VM, select AllDisks.

To learn what each option means, see IU's Data Protection Service (DPS).

Enable AllDisks as an available option

If you don't see AllDisks as a backup option, you will need to enable AllDisks Data Protection on the Resource Pool to which the VM belongs:

  1. Determine in which Resource Pool the VM resides by running a VM Information report as described in Determine remaining resources in an Intelligent Infrastructure (II) resource pool.
  2. Once you identify the Resource Pool, use the Resource Allocation Center (RAC) to find that Resource Pool and edit it.
  3. In the edit form, check Data Protection.
    Because this will change the maximum potential charges for the Resource Pool, the request will route for fiscal approval to the fiscal officer(s) that manage the specified account.
  4. Once the request receives fiscal approval, Data Protection will be enabled in the self-service portal. You may then set AllDisks as the desired backup type.

For questions or problems, email Storage and Virtualization (sav-request@iu.edu).

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