ARCHIVED: Using Oncourse Modules, how do I add, edit, duplicate, or delete a module?

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Modules are the building blocks of your lessons. A module consists of one module page and one or more content sections. A module page functions as a title page for the module. Here you assign a title, add a description and keywords (if desired), and set the module's open and close dates.

Adding a module

  1. From your site's menubar, choose Modules.
  2. Make sure you're on the "Authoring options..." page (click Author near the top of the page if necessary), and select Add Module.
  3. Next to "Module Title", give your module a title.
  4. Next to "Description/Overview or Objectives", you can enter any appropriate information (up to 500 characters) about your module.
  5. The "Keywords" field is designed for a search capability which is not currently functional. If you do enter keywords, separate them with commas, and limit them to 250 characters.
  6. You can specify Open, Due, and Allow Until dates to control access to this module. When the module is not available, students will see the module and section names, but the links will not be active. If you leave these fields blank, the module will always be available.
  7. When you've filled in your information, click Add to create the module or Cancel to exit without creating the module.

Editing a module

  1. From the "Authoring options..." page, click the module name.
  2. Make your changes to the module information.
  3. When you are finished, click Save to save your changes, Add Content Sections to save and go directly to the screens where you can add content, or Cancel to exit without saving changes.

Duplicating a module

From the "Authoring options..." page, click the Duplicate Module icon. The duplicated module will appear at the end of the module list.

Deleting a module

You can delete or archive a module from the "Authoring options..." page. To delete a module, check the box next to the module title, and click Delete. You can also choose to archive a module. Archiving simply makes the module invisible to students, but you can restore an archived module at a later time. To archive a module, check the box next to the module title, and click Archive. For more about archiving and restoring, see ARCHIVED: Archiving or restoring a module in the Modules tool.

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