In the Faculty Center, how do I assign a grade proxy to my classes?

To assign a grade proxy for a particular class from the Faculty Center:

  1. Go to Faculty Center (SIS) in One.IU, and click Start.

  2. Next to the class to which you want to assign one or more proxies, click Grade Proxy.
    If you do not see the Grade Proxy link, either your campus does not use this feature, or you are not listed as the primary instructor of this class. Only primary instructors of record can assign grade proxies.
  3. Enter the 10-digit University ID for the person to be added as proxy. Validate that you have chosen the correct person by confirming the person's name and Network ID on that page. If you use the Search feature (magnifying glass icon) to find the 10-digit ID, you should fill in as many fields as possible to narrow the list of results to the correct person.
  4. In the "Grade Roster Access" column, select either Grade or Approve status for the proxy. Grade access allows a proxy to enter grades, while Approve access allows a proxy to both enter grades and submit the grades to the registrar.
  5. To add additional proxies or delete existing proxies, click + Add Row or - Delete Row as appropriate.
  6. Click Save. The Faculty Center will send an automatic email confirmation to the primary instructor.

When you are finished, click Return to go back to the Faculty Center.

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