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To maintain the privacy of Social Security numbers, Indiana University creates a unique 10-digit identifier called the University ID (UID) for each student and employee. Your UID serves as the key to your student and/or employee record, and should be kept confidential. The Office of Admissions issues UIDs to students (normally included in admission letters sent via postal mail); University Human Resources issues UIDs (also know as Employee IDs) to IU employees.


At IU, student and employee UIDs are classified as University-Internal data. Student UIDs also are protected as student education records under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For more, see About institutional data at IU.

Find your UID

Able to log in? Current and former students Current and former employees
Yes Go to University ID. Your UID will be listed above "Gender".
  1. Go to Employee Self Service.
  2. Select Total Rewards. In the top left of the Total Rewards page, your UID will be listed under your name.

Current students who have never been employed by IU:

  1. Go to Student Self-Service University ID Lookup.
  2. Complete the form and click Submit. Your UID will be displayed at the top.

Currently enrolled ACP students: Complete the ACP Information Recovery form, and your information will be emailed to you.

Former ACP students and alumni: Retrieve your UID using the eTranscript Request (Former Students).

Currently enrolled students, or students who left IU within the last two semesters: Contact your campus Office of the Registrar.

Former students who left IU more than two semesters ago: Use eTranscript Request (Former Students). If this fails, contact your campus Office of the Registrar.

IU School of Medicine applicants or newly admitted students: Contact the Office of Medical Student Affairs (317-274-1965).

All other applicants or newly admitted students: Contact your campus Office of Admissions.

Contact your campus human resources office.

Sponsored affiliates (for example, a contracted employee or consultant): Contact the faculty or staff sponsor who submitted your Affiliate request.

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