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Access the Academic Planner

You can use the Academic Planner in the Student Center to build a list of classes to meet your academic objectives. The planner saves your information for as long as you are an active student in the IU system. You can use it to plan for a few courses, or for a complete degree. Academic advisors and administrators can view information in your planner, but only you can add to or edit that information.

  1. Go to Student Center.
  2. Under "Academic Planning", click SIS Planner.

Add classes

You may add courses as often as you wish. Note that the availability of a course during any given term is controlled by the academic unit and subject to change; check course availability as the desired term approaches.

To place classes in your planner:

  1. On the main "Academic Planner" page, click Browse Course Catalog.
  2. From the "Institution:" drop-down menu, select your campus or school.
  3. Enter the subject and catalog number for your class.

    If you do not know the subject, click Search for a subject. If you do not know the course number, use the drop-down menu to broaden your search.

  4. Click Search.
  5. When you find the class you want, check Select, and then click Add to Planner.
  6. A "Course Notes" page will appear. To leave a note (for example, "Take in the spring"), type your note in the text box and click Add this note. To indicate that the selected course is an alternate choice, check This Course is an Alternate. To skip this page without leaving a note, click Skip this course.
    You can still add or edit notes and check the alternate checkbox directly from the "Academic Planner" page.
  7. The "Browse Course Catalog" page will display confirmation of the course you added. Click Return to Planner.

To add another class, repeat the steps above.

Remove classes

To remove a class from your planner, click the trashcan icon beside the course you want to remove (in the "Delete" column).

Assign classes to a term

To assign a class or classes to a specific term, check the desired classes in the "Select" column. Choose the appropriate term from the drop-down menu, and then click Move. Continue until all the classes have been placed; you may also leave classes unassigned.

Variable credit courses

If you put a variable credit hour course in your planner, you can select the number of credit hours you are planning to take by using the drop-down menu in the "Choose Units" column.

Course and term notes

You can add notes to the term and to individual courses from the "Academic Planner" home page. To do so:

  • Course notes: Click the Add Course Notes icon. Enter your note in the text box and then click Save. If you're not making any changes, click Return to return to the "Academic Planner" home page.
  • Term notes: Click add note to any term. Enter your note in the text box and then click Save. Click Return to return to the "Academic Planner" home page. To delete a note from a given term, click change term note for that term, then Delete, and then Return. To delete all term notes, click Delete All.

Advisor review

If your assigned advisor has agreed to review your planner, you will see two links on the Academic Planner page called Select all Courses for Advisor Review and Submit Selected Courses for Advisor Review. If your advisor has not agreed to review your planner, these links will not appear.

To submit courses for advisor review:

  1. Select individual courses from your planner. Alternatively, click Select all Courses for Advisor Review.
  2. Click Submit Selected Courses for Advisor Review to send this part of your planner to the advisor for review.
  3. If you have more than one advisor, select the advisor who will review your planner.
  4. Comments are required; type your comments in the "Comment" text box and click Post.
  5. On the resulting "Academic Planner" page, you will see a new link to Go to Planner Reviews (0) new comments; if your advisor replies to your comment, you can view it by clicking the link.

    You will see what you sent to your advisor and the advisor's comments. As long as the advisor has not closed the comment function, you can return a comment.

Register from the Academic Planner

To use your existing academic plan to streamline your registration for classes:

You will only be able to register for classes after your registration appointment. See Register for classes at IU.
  1. Go to Student Center.
  2. Under "Academic Planning", click Register & Drop/Add.
  3. Select the term for which you are registering. Click Continue.

    You may have to click Next until you reach the "Add Classes" page.

  4. Select My Planner; this will take you to the "Search from My Planner" page.
  5. Courses that are offered in the term will have a green Select button. Click Select to choose a course for which you want to register.

    On the "Course Detail" page, use the Filter options to display only those courses from your planner that you want to see for this term.

  6. Click Select for classes for which you want to register.
  7. On the "Enrollment Preview" page, click Enroll Now.
  8. On the "Confirm Classes" page, click Finish Enrolling.

The registration service will display an enrollment results page where you can view your class schedule.

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