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The following explains how to use tools such as Class Registration and the Enrollment Shopping Cart to register for classes.

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View your registration appointment

Your registration appointment is the earliest date and time you can register for Indiana University classes offered during an upcoming term. You can register on that day or at a later date, as long as self-service registration is available for that term.

Your registration appointment is not an appointment to meet with an academic advisor.

To view your registration appointment:

  1. Go to Student Center.
  2. On the right, below "Enrollment Dates", click details to view the time and date. Your registration appointment is under "Begins On".

If no appointment for an upcoming term is listed, visit your campus registrar's website to determine when appointments for a term will be available. You may also contact the registrar for other dates and deadlines in the academic calendar.

Determine whether you have holds on your record

Before registering, find any holds on your record that may prevent you from registering for classes.

View your class permissions

Some IU classes require departmental authorization, meaning students must get permission to enroll in those classes. Departments may also on occasion give a student permission to enroll in a closed class. To view class permissions that have been granted to you:

  1. Go to Student Center.
  2. Under "Academics", click View Class Permissions. Your permissions for the current term will display. If you wish to view another term, click change term, and then select the term you wish to view.

You should see one of three possible permissions for each class:

  • If Space: You can enroll in the class if space is available.
  • Add: You can add the class even if it is closed.
  • Drop: You have approval to drop a mandatory, academic department-controlled class.

Other permission information provided includes:

  • Subject, Catalog Nbr, Class Nbr, Description: These identify the class for which you have been granted permission.
  • Date used: This date will appear when you use the class permission.
  • Expiration date: This is the latest date you can use the class permission.

Use the Enrollment Shopping Cart

You can use the Enrollment Shopping Cart to build a list of classes that interest you. The items and information in your shopping cart are retained until the end of the current semester.

Add classes

To place classes in your cart:

  1. If necessary, select the radio button for the term and institution for which you are registering. Click Continue.
  2. The first time you access this service, you will see an information screen. Read it to familiarize yourself with the features of the service, and then click Next.
  3. Make any needed changes or additions to your address information, and then click Next.
  4. Review the "Optional Services", select any that interest you, and then click Next.
  5. On the "Add Classes to Shopping Cart" page, select Class Search.
  6. Enter the course subject and course number for your class. If you do not know the subject, click Select Subject. If you do not know the course number, use the drop-down list to broaden your search.
  7. The "Show Open Classes Only" box is automatically checked; if you want to see closed classes as well as open ones (for example, in case you want to waitlist a class), uncheck the box. Use the other checkboxes to further narrow your search as desired. To access more options for limiting your search results, use the additional search criteria.
    For more detailed instructions on searching for classes, see Search the IU Schedule of Classes.
  8. Click Search.
  9. On the search results page, click details for more information about a specific class. When you find a class to add, click select class.
  10. The "Enrollment Preview" page will display. If your campus uses waitlists, a "Waitlist" column with checkboxes will display.

    If you choose to waitlist a class, a "Drop if Enroll" column will display. If you have a class you want to drop if you successfully enroll in the waitlisted class, click the magnifying glass icon in the "Drop if Enroll" column, and then select the class to drop from your schedule.

    You must be enrolled in a course to select it as a "Drop if Enrolled."
  11. To add the course to your shopping cart, click Add to Shopping Cart.
  12. Start again from step 5 until you have added all the classes you want to your cart.

Classes will remain in your shopping cart through the end of the current semester, and will be removed after you use the shopping cart to register for them. The "Status" column for remaining classes updates dynamically every time you view your shopping cart, showing you if the classes are open or closed.

Prior to your enrollment time, you can check to see whether these classes have time conflicts or unmet prerequisites, or require class permission to enroll. Select the classes to check, and then click Validate. After reviewing the validation results, click Shopping Cart to return.

Register from your shopping cart

When your registration appointment has arrived, you can use your shopping cart to register for the classes you selected. If you are already in your shopping cart, select the desired courses, and then click Enroll. Click OK to go to the registration service; alternatively, you can go to this service directly (for instructions, see the next section).

Use Class Registration

You can use the Class Registration service to enroll for the upcoming term or adjust your current schedule. You can register for classes only after your assigned enrollment date.

  1. Go to Class registration.
  2. If necessary, select the radio button for the term and institution for which you are registering. Click Continue.

Register for classes

  1. Select classes to add. You may do this by entering a class number and then clicking enter, or by selecting either Class Search (to choose from the schedule of classes) or My Planner (to choose from courses stored in your planner), and then clicking Search. Repeat this until you have selected all of your classes for the term.

    Alternatively, to enroll in all of the classes in your cart, in the "Shopping Cart" section, select click to enroll in class(es) in your shopping cart.

  2. The "Confirm classes" page will display. Examine the "Status" icons to make sure your chosen classes are available.
  3. To complete the enrollment process, click Finish Enrolling.
  4. You will see a "View results" page. A "Success" message and a green check mark in the "Status" column indicates successful registration for a class. Note any errors or messages regarding your registration.
    Courses with errors will be automatically placed in your shopping cart. You may take action to correct and enroll later, if desired.
  5. To view your class schedule, click My Class Schedule. You will now see your class schedule with the status of "Enrolled".
  6. To add additional classes after you've enrolled, click Add, and then click Class Search and continue from step 1 above.

If your campus uses waitlists, you can enroll in a class that is full and get placed on the waitlist. Depending on the method of enrolling you are using, once you have selected your courses, you will be taken to a screen similar to the "Class Schedule" page.

To add yourself to the waitlist for a class:

  1. Check the Waitlist box corresponding to your desired class.
  2. You will have the opportunity to specify a different class that you want to drop if you are taken off the waitlist and placed into the requested class. To select a class you want to drop:
    1. Click the magnifying glass icon in the "Drop if Enrolled" column.
    2. Select the class you want to drop. The class number will be placed in the "Drop if Enrolled" box.

If you are removed from the waitlist and enrolled in the preferred class during the waitlist processing period, you will automatically be dropped from the class specified.

Drop a class

To drop a class, from the Class Registration service:

  1. Click Drop.
  2. Select the class(es) to be dropped.
  3. Click Drop Selected Classes.
  4. You will receive a confirmation page. Review the information; if the confirmation page is correct, click Finish Dropping.
  5. Examine the "Status" column to be sure your changes were successful. Dropped classes will have a status of "Withdrawn".

To view your schedule after dropping the class, click My Class Schedule.

Edit classes with variable credit

To edit a class with variable credit hours, from the Class Registration service:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Courses with hours eligible to be adjusted will have a Select button to the right. Select the course to be edited.
  3. From the drop-down box, select the desired hours, and then click Finish Editing.

Swap classes

When you don't want to drop an enrolled class until you are safely enrolled in a new class (for example, when you are changing sections of the same course), you may want to use Swap function. From the Class Registration service:

  1. Click Swap.
  2. Select the class you want to remove from your schedule, and then select a replacement; you can choose a replacement from your shopping cart, planner, or class search.
  3. You will receive a confirmation page. If the information is correct, click Finish Swapping. This will complete the class swap, and you will be able to view your class schedule.

View class schedule details

See View your class schedule.

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