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To complete these procedures, you must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions. If you're not sure what your role is, see the "Role" column in the Roster tool. For permissions, see ARCHIVED: What can I do in read-only Oncourse?

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Add a new assignment

To add a new assignment:

  1. In the menubar, click Assignments, and then, at the top of the page, click Add.
    On the form that opens, fields marked with a red star are required.
  2. Under "Access", choose Display Assignment to All Students or Display Assignment to Selected Groups. If you choose the latter, you'll see the groups and sections that are available; check the group(s) and/or section(s) to which you want the assignment released.
    The "Access" section will appear only if groups have previously been defined for this site. See ARCHIVED: Managing groups.
  3. Under "Assignment Details", next to "Title", enter a brief title for your assignment (e.g., Essay 1).
  4. Under "Instructions", type the assignment's instructions into the text box.
  5. Next to "Supporting Materials", click Add to attach files from your local computer or from Resources, or specify the URL for a file on the web. See ARCHIVED: Options for adding attachments.
  6. If desired, check the box next to Add Model Answer? A "Model Answer Text" field will appear; you can type the model answer here and/or add an attachment below. Using the drop-down list next to "Display model answer to student", you can choose when to display your model answer: Never, Immediately, After student submits assignment, or After feedback is released to student.
  7. Under "Submission Details", you can specify the following options:
    • Submission requirement: Require Submissions? is selected by default. To make the assignment optional, uncheck the box. This will make all remaining options unavailable.
    • Submission format: From the drop-down list, choose to have students submit their assignments as Text only (typed directly into a text box), Attachments only, Text and Attachments, or Non-electronic.
      • The quota for a course, project, or portfolio site, or for My Workspace, is 4 GB. To check your site quota and usage, in the Resources tool, click Check Quota.

      • If you want your students to submit their work to Turnitin (see step 11 below), choose Attachments Only. Reports will not be generated for text-only submissions.
      • The rich-text editor may cause difficulties for students using adaptive technology. For more, see the CKEditor Accessibility Guide, or contact the Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers.
    • Number of submissions: To allow more than one submission from each student, from the drop-down list, select a number from 1 to 20, or choose Unlimited.
    • Honor pledge: To display the honor pledge when students are submitting their assignments, select Require honor pledge? Students must check a box agreeing to the pledge before they can submit their work. The text of the honor pledge is as follows:
      I have neither given nor received aid on this assignment. Yes (You must respond to submit your assignment.)
  8. Under "Availability Details", enter the following information:
    • Open date: At the open date and time, the assignment is available for students to begin working on it. To announce the open date automatically, check Post Open Date to Announcements on Open Date.
    • Due date: This is the assignment's deadline. If desired, check Set Due Date?, and edit the date and time fields. To list the due date on the site's calendar, check Post Due Date to Calendar Now.
    • Accept until date: No assignments can be submitted after this date. You can set this to a date and time later than the due date if you want to continue accepting assignments after the due date (e.g., to allow for revisions). To do so, check Set Accept Until Date?, and edit the date and time fields.
      The assignment will appear on the calendar immediately, even if it has not been released to students.
  9. Under "Grading Details", either:
    • Choose This assignment is not graded.
    • Choose This assignment is graded and is associated with a Gradebook item:, and, from the drop-down list, select the appropriate assignment.
    • Click Create a new Gradebook item to create a new entry in your gradebook from within Assignments. A box will open in which you can specify details for the Gradebook item (e.g., point value). When you are done, click Add Item.
  10. Under "Submission Notifications", check Send email notifications for student submissions if you want instructors to receive notification when work is submitted.
    Notification settings in this area apply to all users with a role of instructor, assistant, or AI/TA; students receive mail automatically upon submission of an assignment.
  11. If you want your students to submit work to Turnitin using Assignments (see ARCHIVED: Turnitin integration: Overview), under "Turnitin", check Use Turnitin. You can then specify the following options:
    • To allow future IU submissions to be checked against your students' work, under "Submit papers to the following repository:", select Indiana University Repository; otherwise, select None.
    • Under "Generate originality reports:", choose to generate the reports Immediately on submission or On Due Date.
    • Check Allow students to see originality reports to allow students to access their own originality reports.
    • Under "Check originality against:", check the boxes for all the repositories in which you want Turnitin to search for matches with your students' work. You must select at least one. Available repositories are:
      • Turnitin paper repository: Works previously submitted on Turnitin
      • Current and archived internet
      • Periodicals, journals, and publications
      • Indiana University Repository: Works previously submitted by IU students

    The first time you create an assignment that uses the Turnitin option in Oncourse Assignments, you may see a message saying:

    The assignment was saved; however, we were unable to save the Turnitin settings. Please contact the help desk.

    Edit the assignment, select the Turnitin settings again, and they will be saved correctly.

  12. When you have filled in all desired information for the assignment, at the bottom of the page, choose one of the following actions:
    • Click Save when you are finished adding content to the assignment. The assignment will become visible to students on the open date you have set.
    • Click Save as Draft to save your changes without making the assignment visible. To make further changes or to post your assignment, from the assignment list, highlight the assignment and click Edit.
      When you save an assignment as a draft, no one else in your site (including other instructors and teaching assistants) will be able to see it in the assignment list.
    • Click Preview as Student to review your assignment before posting it. To return to the "Add Assignment" page, click Edit.
    If you've successfully enabled Turnitin settings for your assignment, a red ribbon icon will appear next to the title, thus:
    A red ribbon icon appears to the right of the title of an assignment with Turnitin enabled.

Edit an assignment

To revise a saved assignment or draft before or after its open or due date:

  1. In the menubar, click Assignments.
  2. From the list of assignments, click Edit under the assignment's name.
  3. Make your revisions. Afterward, for draft assignments, you can choose Save, Save as Draft, Preview as Student, or Cancel. For assignments that have already been posted publicly, you can no longer choose Save as Draft.

Delete an assignment

You can completely delete an assignment before any students have submitted work. However, if you delete an assignment after the first submission, all students will continue to see the assignment with a notice saying "(Assignment has been deleted)". The assignment will not be visible in the assignment list that you see by default as an instructor, but you can see it by clicking Enter student view in the menubar.

To delete an assignment:

  1. In the menubar, click Assignments to see a list of assignments.
  2. Check the box(es) next to the assignment(s) you wish to delete, and then click Remove.
  3. On the confirmation screen, click Remove to permanently delete the assignment along with all associated submissions, or click Cancel to keep the assignment.

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