Assistive listening in IUB classrooms

Many classrooms at IU Bloomington are equipped with assistive listening systems (ALS) for students and audience members with hearing impairments.

In some large lecture halls and auditoriums, an inductive loop (also called a hearing loop) is installed. To use this system, switch hearing aids or reception devices to their "telecoil" setting. For device-specific instructions, refer to your manufacturer's documentation. Learning Spaces Support does not provide receivers for use with inductive loop systems.

In many classrooms, an infrared ALS is installed which requires a receiver. These receivers are stored in the tech rack's accessory drawer. In classrooms that lack an accessory drawer, or where there are no receivers in the room's accessory drawer, contact Learning Spaces Support to request a receiver.

Some older classrooms do not yet have an installed ALS, but temporary systems may be available. To request temporary accommodation, contact Learning Spaces Support.

For help or to learn more, contact UITS Learning Spaces Support.

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