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Indiana University is committed to maintaining an inclusive and accessible environment across all of its campuses and eliminating discrimination against people with disabilities. This includes providing captions and transcripts for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Automatically generated captions (as found in YouTube or Kaltura) are not of sufficient quality to be suitable for the deaf or hard of hearing and should not be used as such. They are intended to be a base for creating accurate captions via the captions editor and to facilitate search, interactive transcripts, and other features.

Faculty requesting captioning to accommodate a student with a hearing impairment

If a student requests captioning for media used in a course, and you have not received an accommodation memo from your campus Accessible Educational Services (AES) office, have the student contact the AES office for your campus to request the accommodation.

If you have received an accommodation memo for your course, follow the steps below to request professional captions.

Professional captioning services are offered through the Kaltura video hosting solution. All videos must be loaded to Kaltura before you submit a professional captioning request.
  1. Locate the videos in either the Kaltura Media Gallery in Canvas or in the Kaltura Media Space portal.
  2. Submit the Closed Captioning for Video request form on the IT Accessibility Service Catalog. Multiple videos can be requested at a time using a document listing the title and link of each video.
  3. After 24 hours (if submitted on a business day), the professional captions should appear automatically on your content. You will be notified if any error occurs.
  4. Review the content for errors. Submit any errors to for correction.
  5. Students viewing the captions should select the option that ends with "Professional".

Student requesting captions as an accommodation for a hearing impairment

If you find audio or video content in an IU course with inaccurate or missing captions, and you have an approved accommodation from an AES office, contact your instructor to report the missing captions.

Other captioning requests

Faculty, staff, or departments interested in requesting captioning for audiovisual content on an IU website or other IU system can contact Classroom Technology Services to pre-purchase minutes for the captioning service in Kaltura.

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