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The Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers (ATAC) at Indiana University provide access to a wide range of hardware designed to assist with IT access for individuals with vision, hearing, cognitive, and mobility impairments.

Available for checkout

The ATAC has a library of assistive technologies (AT) that are commonly used in the higher education environment. Hardware items from the AT library are available for short-term loan; see About the ATAC's assistive technology loan program.

Most frequently requested hardware

Hardware Description
The ATAC has various types of keyboard models to accommodate a wide variety of needs. Options include one-handed, ergonomic, and large print keyboards.
The ATAC has various types of computer mice to accommodate a wide variety of needs. Options include trackballs, vertical mice, and touchpads.
Livescribe pens
The Livescribe smartpens are note taking devices that sync your handwritten notes directly to your computer or mobile device. They can record audio while a student writes, making it easier to ensure that students don't miss any important instruction.
Instructional aids
The ATAC has access to a wide range of instructional aids that can benefits students in a classroom setting. Some items include:
  • Closed-circuit TV: Portable video magnifiers for classroom content
  • Talking scientific calculators
  • inTACT Sketchpad: Portable tactile graphic tool

There are many other tools that can assist students in a wide variety of situations. Contact your campus Accessible Educational Services (AES) office for more information.

AT training and support

The ATAC staff are available to provide consultation, training, and support to help with your assistive technology needs. Contact the ATAC at 812-856-4112 or for more information.

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