Benefits of using IU's supported WCMS

Indiana University's Web Content Management System (WCMS), an optional service for creating and managing websites, is available without fee to all IU units (faculty, staff, and student organizations with an administrative sponsor) on all campuses. The objective of the service is to provide a high-performance, reliable, and secure environment in which standard procedures, documentation, and training provide a framework for web content management.

IU departments and schools can use the WCMS for public websites and internal intranet sites. The WCMS makes maintaining websites easier for non-technical staff, and helps developers meet campus guidelines for institutional branding and accessibility standards. Other benefits include:

  • Content is separate from design.
  • IT staff can focus on site creation and maintenance.
  • Content contributors can focus on creating, editing, maintaining, and retiring content.
  • Contributors can use forms-based or WYSIWYG approaches; HTML knowledge is not necessary.
  • Non-technical staff can make changes directly to content.
  • Web standards compliance (for example, section 508, W3C) can be enforced.
  • XHTML compliance can be enforced.
  • Version control and change history can be audited.
  • Multi-formatted content is automatically generated.
  • The client has no footprint; there is no application to install, maintain, or service.
  • Content is centrally stored and backed up.
  • Workflows can be implemented for change management.
  • You can set workflows on a site or page-by-page basis.
  • Workflows can ensure that high-profile pages are reviewed or approved before going live.
  • Assets and content are reusable (for example, video, images).
  • Sites can leverage common templates for a consistent layout of pages.
  • Dynamic menus, navigation, and breadcrumbs can be easily generated and reused.
  • If you publish to IU Sitehosting, there are no web servers to maintain.
  • You can publish to any web server for which you supply appropriate credentials.
  • Service includes tiered support.

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