Make changes to an IU REDCap project that is currently in production

To make changes to an IU REDCap project that has "Production" status:

  1. In the Online Form Editor, select Enter Draft Mode, and then apply your changes.
  2. When you're finished editing, in the Online Form Editor, select Submit Changes for Review.
  3. The REDCap administrator will review your changes to make sure they don't impact data you have already collected. If anything is questionable, you may receive an email from the administrator to confirm that you want to make the change.
Any changes to the structure of the project, such removing forms or modifying events in a longitudinal project, can be made only by the REDCap administrator.

If you have questions about IU REDCap, or need help setting up or managing an IU REDCap project, email IU REDCap Support at

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Last modified on 2023-02-02 12:40:37.