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GitHub is a web-based interface for collaborating on software and documentation projects. It provides version control, issue tracking, and wiki space for hosted projects. GitHub uses Git, a distributed version control system used in the Linux kernel, the Android mobile platform, and other projects.

Indiana University hosts an enterprise installation GitHub, available for use by IU students, faculty, staff, and their collaborators, at GitHub:IU. To get started, log in with your IU username and passphrase. From there, you can create a repository for your project.

Do not store Restricted or Classified information in your repositories. Github:IU is approved to store only Public and University Internal documentation. Do not store any passwords.

Once you have created your first repository at GitHub:IU, you can push a repository from your local machine. However, to push, pull, and commit repositories from your local machine, you must have the Git software installed. If Git is not already installed on your local machine, download it from one of the following locations, depending on your operating system:

  • If your Git (or SSH) client prompts you with a challenge message asking whether you want to accept and save a new host key for IU's GitHub instance, enter y or click Accept & Save (depending on your client) to add the new key to your host key database and connect.
  • The GitHub:IU service is unavailable during its regularly scheduled maintenance window, Sunday 8am-noon.

For complete documentation, see the GitHub Help pages and the Git User's Manual. For instructions on adding your SSH keys to GitHub, see Connecting to GitHub with SSH. To access the Reference Manual (online versions of the manual pages included in the Git package), an online version of Pro Git (the book written by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub), and a page of short video tutorials, see the Git Documentation page.

UITS support for GitHub:IU is available to the entire university. For projects requiring collaboration with institutions outside IU, apply for affiliate accounts for any collaborators who are not affiliated with IU. If you are currently developing algorithms and need help with source control management, email IU's GitHub support team.


Users no longer active in the university will have their content removed after a year.

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