About IU Enterprise JIRA

JIRA is an Agile issue management platform for available for faculty and staff use. JIRA allows teams to easily manage, track, and report issues throughout their lifecycle. JIRA is highly customizable, and can be tailored to fit any workflow you need.

Collaboration is a large point of emphasis in JIRA, including @mentioning, formatted commenting, and sharing issues via email, all making work more visible.

Common JIRA use cases include software development, feature implementation, bug tracking, and Agile project management (with JIRA Agile).

Jira works in conjunction with Bamboo, Crucible, and FishEye (also Atlassian products).

Features include a fast and smart editor, drag-and-drop file sharing, intelligent search, flexible notifications, integration with source code, integration with IU Enterprise Confluence, and granular permissions. View and update permissions are configurable. Projects may be viewable by many or viewable and editable by only a few.

Anyone can create or comment on a JIRA issue by sending email to an account associated with a JIRA project; however, managing items in a queue requires login access. When someone new sends email to an account associated with a JIRA project, JIRA automatically creates a new JIRA user account, but accounts created automatically will not allow you to sign on with CAS.

If you intend to use JIRA for more than just sending occasional email or you need to manage a queue, send a request for login access to the JIRA/Confluence mail queue, and provide the JIRA project(s) to which you need access. If you plan to work with a student project, have a faculty member send the request on your behalf.

Some projects permit viewing of issues, while others require certain group membership privileges. It's also possible to specify additional finer-grained permissions. Be sure to provide the type of access you need in your request. If you are not sure of the queue name, then specify what you do know about the queue (for example, the email address used to submit items to the queue, names of the people you know to be associated with the queue).

UITS continues to add features and fix bugs, and encourages your comments and participation. Send requests to the JIRA/Confluence mail queue.

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