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Using client-virtualization technology, IUanyWare delivers UITS-hosted Windows applications directly to an individual's desktop, laptop, or mobile client connected to the internet. The IUanyWare application remains accessible as long as the device is connected.

Departments can request that departmentally sponsored applications also be deployed to the IUanyWare environment for use by their students, faculty, or staff.

Departmental sponsorship means the department or requester takes full responsibility for support of the application, including the acquisition of licenses. Not all vendors provide terms of use which permit virtualization.

The sponsoring department agrees to partner with UITS through testing, certification, and deployment of the requested IUanyWare application. The IUanyWare partnership continues as long as the application is deployed in the IUanyWare environment.

Requests pass through six steps on their way to IUanyWare deployment:

  1. The faculty or staff sponsor submits a software request.
  2. IUanyWare team verifies that all needed information has been submitted.
  3. The sponsor provides media and license keys for the application. If access is to be limited in any way, the requesting department will be responsible for maintaining the appropriate access control mechanisms.
  4. The technical team packages the application and tests compatibility. The length of time required to deploy an application can vary greatly, depending upon a number of factors.
  5. The sponsor tests and certifies the application in the IUanyWare environment.
  6. The technical team deploys the application.
Departmentally sponsored applications will not be deployed until they have been certified by the requester.

Terms of the IUanyWare Partnership Agreement

Be sure to review the terms of this agreement before submitting software requests.

If you are already familiar with this agreement, submit your software requests via the IUanyWare Software Request Form.

  1. To ensure timely deployment, submit your software requests as far in advance of your anticipated first use of the application as possible.
    All software deployed in the IUanyWare environment will remain deployed through the following summer. Software requests are renewed each spring for the upcoming academic year. If departmentally sponsored software is not renewed, it may be removed from IUanyWare after the end of the summer term.
    • The application media and installation keys (if any) are provided to the IUanyWare team within one week of the date of request via one of the following:
      • The IUware Requests system (attachments available in the "comments" field)
      • CD, DVD, or USB flash drive, delivered via campus mail or in person
      • Use Secure Share
      • A URL to a specific code location (a generic vendor site is insufficient)

      If delivery of your media will be delayed because of matters beyond your control, please include in your request an estimated delivery date for the requested media. Your request is not complete until the IUanyWare team has access to the media.

    • Many factors can affect the time needed to prepare an application for deployment, including the number of requests ahead of yours, UITS familiarity with the application, and compatibility with the IUanyWare environment.
    • While the IUanyWare team will attempt to meet your needs in a timely manner, requesters should allow several weeks for deployment of your requested application once the IUanyWare team has received all media and installation keys.
  2. Demonstration or beta (pre-release) versions of applications are discouraged.
    • Unlike production software, demonstration software is often not feature-complete and is not recommended for deployment in wide distribution or for an extended period of time.
    • Pre-release (beta) software, while generally feature-complete, is still being tested by the vendor and is subject to programming changes which can disrupt deployment. UITS does not recommend deployment of software which may be subject to change on a short-term basis.
  3. The sponsoring department agrees to arrange for the acquisition of media and licensing of all departmentally sponsored applications.
    • Indiana University takes copyright compliance and software licensing very seriously. All software requested for installation in the IUanyWare environment must be properly licensed. Responsibility for appropriate licensing lies with the requester.
    • If the software in question requires a license server, the sponsoring department agrees to establish and maintain that server in the UITS Data Center. The IUanyWare environment cannot support applications that are dependent upon client-side node-locked licensing (such as HASP devices) for license enforcement.
  4. Sponsoring departments are urged to establish a group account to use as a primary or secondary point of contact. This helps ensure continuity of support regardless of unanticipated changes in staffing.
  5. Software deployment is a cooperative effort. Deployment of sponsored software will take place only after all licensing and certification requirements have been met.
    • Software partners should respond promptly to all requests for information and certification. Failure to respond in a timely manner can result in unwanted delays.
    • After technical staff have prepared the requested software for use in the IUanyWare environment, they will deploy the application to a limited-access IUanyWare environment so the requester can verify proper functionality. Testing of all functionality within a program intended for academic use is required, as any issues not caught during the certification phase may result in a copy of the program that is not fully functional.
    • Upon completion of testing, the requester visits a provided link to report whether the software is installed correctly. This process is repeated until the requester can certify that the application is performing as expected. By certifying the application, the requester is stating that the specific version tested will be acceptable for deployment without further modification.
    • When a requester certifies a piece of software, he or she is signifying that this version of the software is suitable for meeting anticipated needs throughout the academic year.
    • If multiple versions of a particular application are required in the IUanyWare environment, generally speaking, version availability will be limited to the current widely used version, the previous version, and any recently released version which may not yet be in wide use. Exceptions to this rule of thumb will be granted on a case-by-case basis.
    • If a patch (or minor upgrade) is required for an application requested but not yet deployed in the IUanyWare environment, the partner department is expected to advise the IUanyWare technical team, or the IUanyWare Manager, as soon as possible.
    • Partners should provide access to the appropriate patch immediately upon request in order to avoid delays in deployment.
    • Applications certified prior to submission of the patch will need to be recertified prior to final deployment.
    • Patches to any deployed application will be treated the same as an upgrade to an application, requiring a request for services.
  6. Those dependent upon instructional software sponsored by UITS or other departmental sponsors are still urged to request that software annually in order to avoid an unanticipated loss of access to that application.
  7. The IUanyWare team cannot deploy any application that compromises the security of the IU network, interferes with the operation of other applications, or requires access to services not provided by IUanyWare unless it has undergone an official security review process.
    • Should a security vulnerability be found in any requested software, the IUanyWare team retains the right to remove the offending software from the environment pending an upgrade to a non-vulnerable version.
    • If an upgrade is required, the requester will need to recertify the software.
    • If the software is unsupported or does not have a patch to correct the issue, UITS may remove the software from the IUanyWare environment until the security issue is resolved.
    • The requester is responsible for any software licensing changes.
  8. The IUanyWare team may discontinue deployment of any application that ceases to function properly as the result of a change in the IUanyWare environment.
  9. All departmentally sponsored applications will be reviewed annually.
    • Each spring, departmental sponsors will be asked to review the applications deployed on their behalf during the current academic year.
    • Sponsors will have the opportunity to indicate if they wish to renew deployment for the upcoming academic year or to upgrade the application (for example, to a newer version).
    • If the IUanyWare team does not receive a request for renewal or upgrade of an application, the application may be retired.

Terms are subject to change without notice. This information addresses a number of contingencies. Still, some circumstances require unique partnership arrangements. Over time, this information will be modified to reflect those changes that can be applied broadly.

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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