ARCHIVED: In Oncourse Reports, how do I save a report snapshot?

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In the Reports tool, after running a report on portfolio matrix data, you can save a static snapshot of that data for future reference. You can also save a live (i.e., dynamic) snapshot of a report for convenient access later; the data in live snapshots will be updated as the data changes. To save a snapshot of either type:

  1. From the menubar of the relevant portfolio site, choose Reports.
  2. Generate the report; see ARCHIVED: Running a report on portfolio data. For a live snapshot, choose Is the Report Live when running the report.
  3. Once the report has been generated, click Save a Snapshot in the upper left.
  4. On the "Save Report Snapshot" page, click Save Results.
  5. The report will be saved and available at the bottom of the "Manage Reports" page with the title you chose on the "Create a Report" page, and the date and time the report was saved.

Note: The notation "(Live Report)" will follow the title, if you chose this option.

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