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You can accomplish a number of tasks in IU List by emailing commands to the administrative address for a given mailing list, which will be in the form of list@[campus].edu; see About IU List.

  • When sending a single command, put it in the subject line of the message, and leave the body blank.
  • When sending multiple commands in a single email message:
    • Leave the subject line blank and put all the commands in the email body.
    • Put every command on a new line.
    • Send your message in plain text, not in HTML (no formatting).
    • Don't include anything in the body other than Sympa commands; do not include a signature block.

To request a list of IU List commands for a specific campus, email the administrative address with help in the subject line or body of the message. You'll receive a reply that includes the list of commands below.

For the commands below, replace words in brackets with the appropriate values; for example, [list] with the name of your list, or [email] with an email address. Any command with options [list]|* indicates you may use either a specific list name or a *, indicating all lists at a given campus domain, for the command.

Commands for everyone

This help file
INFO [list]
Information about a list
Directory of lists managed on this node
REView [list]
Displays the subscribers to [list]
Displays which lists you are subscribed to
SUBscribe [list] [name]
To subscribe or to confirm a subscription to [list]; [name] is optional (including it will list your name, as well as your email address, for those with permission to view the list of subscribers)
UNSubscribe [list] [email]
To quit [list]. [Email] is an optional email address, useful if different from your "From:" address.
UNSubscribe * [email]
To quit all lists
SIGnoff [list email]
To quit [list]. [Email] is an optional email address, useful if different from your "From:" address.
SIGnoff * [email]
To quit all lists
SET [list]|* NOMAIL
To suspend the message reception for [list]
SET [list]|* DIGEST
Message reception in compilation mode
Message reception in compilation mode, sent as a plain text email with all attachments
SET [list]|* SUMMARY
Receiving the message index only
SET [list]|* NOTICE
Receiving message subject only
SET [list]|* MAIL
[List] reception in normal mode
SET [list]|* CONCEAL
To become unlisted (hidden subscriber address)
To make your address visible via REView
INDex [list]
[List] archive file list
GET [list] [file]
To get [file] of [list] archive
LAST [list]
Used to receive the last message from [list]
INVITE [list] [email]
Invite [email] for subscription to [list]
Confirmation for sending a message (depending on the list configuration)
Indicates the end of the commands (to ignore a signature)

Commands for list owners and moderators

ADD [list] [user@host] [Full name]
To add a user to a list
DEL [list] [user@host]
To delete a user from a list
STATS [list]
To consult the statistics for [list]
REMIND [list]
Send a reminder message to each subscriber.
DISTribute [list] [key]
Moderation: to validate a message
REJect [list] [key]
Moderation: to reject a message
Moderation: to view the list of messages to moderate

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