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IU List is Indiana University's mailing list service, based on the Sympa mailing list software. Through IU List, you can manage mailing lists of large numbers of subscribers with customizable settings, create digests of messages, and maintain archives of past communications.

For instructions on how to create a new IU List mailing list, see Create an IU List mailing list.

Manage or subscribe to IU List mailing lists

Use the IU List web interface

You can use the IU List web interface to manage your mailing lists and subscriptions. From the links below, choose the site associated with the campus that hosts your mailing list (not necessarily your campus). Each campus site lets you manage only those lists that are hosted by that campus; a separate site is provided for managing university-wide (@iu.edu and @list.iu.edu) mailing lists.

Campus IU List web interface
IU Bloomington https://list.indiana.edu/
IUPUI https://list.iupui.edu/
IU East https://list.iue.edu/
IU Kokomo https://list.iuk.edu/
IU Northwest https://list.iun.edu/
IUPUC https://list.iupuc.edu/
IU South Bend https://list.iusb.edu/
IU Southeast https://list.ius.edu/
University-wide https://list.iu.edu/

You can log into the IU List web interface either with your University account, or with any other email address and an IU List password:

  • Primary IU email address: On the appropriate Login page (see below), click IU Credential Login. If you're not already logged into another IU service, you'll be redirected to do so. If you are already logged in via another IU service (such as One.IU or Canvas), you'll go directly to the Mailing Lists home page without having to re-enter your IU username and passphrase.)
  • Alternative email address: On the appropriate Login page (see below), under "Log in with your IU List password":
    • If this is the first time accessing IU List with this email address, you must create an IU List password. To do so:
      1. Click First login?.
      2. On the following page, enter your email address, and then click Request first password.
      3. In the email account you specified, open the new message sent from the IU List system; in the message, click the provided link to access the IU List password page.
      4. Follow the on-screen directions to create an IU List password. Do not use your IU passphrase for your IU List password.
    • If you previously accessed IU List with this email address (and remember the corresponding IU List password), enter your email address and IU List password, and then click Email/Password Login.

For more about managing your IU List lists and subscriptions. see the "Related documents" at the bottom of this page.

Send commands via email

You can manage your IU List mailing lists and subscriptions by sending commands via email to the appropriate command server or subscription server:

Campus IU List server Command address Subscription address
IU Bloomington @indiana.edu list@indiana.edu listname-l-subscribe@indiana.edu
@list.indiana.edu list@list.indiana.edu listname-l-subscribe@list.indiana.edu
IUPUI @iupui.edu list@iupui.edu listname-l-subscribe@iupui.edu
@list.iupui.edu list@list.iupui.edu listname-l-subscribe@list.iupui.edu
IU East @iue.edu list@iue.edu listname-l-subscribe@iue.edu
@list.iue.edu list@list.iue.edu listname-l-subscribe@list.iue.edu
IU Kokomo @iuk.edu list@iuk.edu listname-l-subscribe@iuk.edu
@list.iuk.edu list@list.iuk.edu listname-l-subscribe@list.iuk.edu
IU Northwest @iun.edu list@iun.edu listname-l-subscribe@iun.edu
@list.iun.edu list@list.iun.edu listname-l-subscribe@list.iun.edu
IUPUC @iupuc.edu list@iupuc.edu listname-l-subscribe@iupuc.edu
@list.iupuc.edu list@list.iupuc.edu listname-l-subscribe@list.iupuc.edu
IU South Bend @iusb.edu list@iusb.edu listname-l-subscribe@iusb.edu
@list.iusb.edu list@list.iusb.edu listname-l-subscribe@list.iusb.edu
IU Southeast @ius.edu list@ius.edu listname-l-subscribe@ius.edu
@list.ius.edu list@list.ius.edu listname-l-subscribe@list.ius.edu
University-wide @iu.edu list@iu.edu listname-l-subscribe@iu.edu
@list.iu.edu list@list.iu.edu listname-l-subscribe@list.iu.edu

For instructions and a list of commands, see Submit IU List commands via email.

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