Unsubscribe from an IU List list

In certain cases, unsubscription may require owner permission or not be possible because of list settings. It is recommended to owners that unsubscription remain open on all lists, to promote good email etiquette and to prevent unwanted spam.

Use the web interface

When you log into IU List, the left side panel will show the lists to which you are subscribed. Click Manage your subscriptions to select lists from which you want to unsubscribe.

See On IU List, how do I manage my list subscriptions? for more about the IU List web interface.

Use email commands

To remove yourself from one list, send an email message from your subscription address to the list's unsubscription address (e.g., for the list listname-l@indiana.edu, send mail to listname-l-unsubscribe@indiana.edu). The message can be blank.

If the address you're using to send mail is not the address you have subscribed to the list with, send an email message to the campus's command address (e.g., list@indiana.edu) with the following in the body of the message. If you use Umail or Imail, you may be receiving email from the list at username@campus.edu but sending mail from username@umail.iu.edu or username@imail.iu.edu.
  UNSUBSCRIBE listname your-subscription-address@domain

IU List will send a confirmation request to the subscription address listed.

To remove yourself from multiple lists at one campus, send an email message from your subscription address to the campus's command address (e.g., list@indiana.edu), with the following in the body of the message, one line per command. (If you're sending from another address, see above.)

  UNSUBSCRIBE listname
  UNSUBSCRIBE listname2

You can use SIGNOFF or UNS in place of UNSUBSCRIBE for these commands.

To unsubscribe from all lists at a campus, send the command:


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