If you get an "invalid root certificate" error message when trying to use IUanyWare on a Windows computer

When trying to use IUanyWare from a Windows computer, you may get the following error message:

"This server has an invalid root certificate, so this may be a malicious server. Connection dropped."

If you get this error message, it most likely means your computer does not have the required InCommon root certificate installed. Various Indiana University sites and services, including IUanyWare, use SSL certificates issued by the InCommon Federation Certificate Service. However, by default, Windows clients do not have the root certificate required to trust certificates issued by InCommon.

To fix the problem, install the proper root certificate. To do so for computers running Windows 11, Windows 10, or Windows 8.x, use the UITS InCommon Root Certificate Installer, available for free download from IUware.

For more on IU's use of InCommon certificates, see SSL/TLS certificates.

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Last modified on 2022-06-27 13:18:20.